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Oracle Professional Consulting Services


Systex Corporation has years of experience in Oracle products, especially in database.  We have a dedicated team of senior Oracle DBAs who have extensive experience on database, servers, storage, internet, development tools and any IT technologies.

To better understand our partners and customers difficulties, we devote significant resources on people and technology. As a result, we have a team of professionals to provide services:

Consulting Service

Consulting Service

Based on the usage and nature of the database, we can work with you to design a database to fulfill your organization needs. Consequently, you can effectively utilize your database and the functionalities to achieve optimal performance.

Consulting Service in the areas of:

  • Design and plan for the Backup and Recovery Strategy
  • Design and plan for Database structure
  • Design and plan for Data Modeling
  • Database Performance Tuning
  • Analysis SQL statements and Tuning
  • Database Upgrade
  • Database Migration
  • Database Re-organization
  • Real Application Clusters (RAC) Implementation
  • Project bases on Oracle Solution
  • Patches Update

Outsourcing Service 

With high-cost and high turnover of Oracle DBAs, the most cost effective way to manage your database system is through outsourcing.

  • To help customers maximize their IT investment by managing and maintaining Oracle database. Outsourcing is a cost-saving tool for customers.
  • Daily database monitoring
  • Backup and Recovery Planning
  • Database and SQL Performance Tuning
  • Database status reporting
  • Database Network System Protection
  • Locally on-site support
  • Telephone Support

Partner Support Service

As a Value Added Distributor, our aim is to support and provide good services to all our Oracle Partners. To ensure "win win" solutions in Oracle products and technologies.

  • Support partners on installation and implementation of Oracle products based on partners request.
  • Products update training to partners.

Telephone Support Service