SYSTEX HPC Management Solution-GAIA


Systex HPC Solution with architecture design combines HPC, OpenStack, Docker, Ceph & Lustre technology, and the administrators & users are able to manage & use this platform via a single portal. This design delivers following benefits:

1.       This architecture combined both of HPC & private cloud design which benefits the users to maximize the computation resource for researchers, professors & students without isolated computation resource in one piece. 

2.       Central management portal to reduce the workload of administrator. 


3.       Applications will be implemented by Virtual Machine & Container versions for experiential purpose of performance & user experience in difference usage scenarios. 

Gaia Director User Portal

 * 2 servers with high availability design for User Portal services. (Note: Gaia is the product name of the user portal services)

2. Management Pool

 * The design provides two types of service. One is HPC service which incl. login, Master, Job Scheduler & Management; another one is Openstack management powered by RedHat. Be reminded all of the management nodes are high availability design.

3. Computing Pool

* The computing pool are separated to two types of computing pool. Physical Compute is designated for HPC usage, the user scenarios could be for research purpose; and OpenStack Compute provides virtual machine computation resources, and usage scenario could be generic learning subjects.

4. Storage Pool

* Same as Computing pool that the storage pool separated to Lustre Pool for HPC and Ceph storage pool. For supporting & stability consideration, Ceph storage is powered by RedHat.


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